Buy Sylvie and the Star-Tickler

Three Editions, Three Ways to Buy

Sylvie is available in hardcover, softcover and an e-book version. (We’re working on an audiobook version, too, but it’s not ready yet. We’ll keep you posted if you join our mailing list.)

 1. Buy directly from us on this site

We’re a small Mom and Pop (actually Grandpa and Grandma) operation, so minimizing our expenses is important. We get the best profit from book sales if you buy directly from us, which we would greatly appreciate.

Only the copies directly from us are autographed by Pamela and Fred!

We sell the hardback and softback versions. We frequently offer discount coupons—another reason to join our list, especially if you’re buying copies for family and friends. You can get the books from us by clicking below.


2. Buy from Amazon

Amazon sells the hardback and softback versions, plus the e-book. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll get free shipping here, too. If you buy from Amazon, consider leaving a review. Thanks!

3. Buy from your local bookstore.

Ask for Sylvie at your bookstore. And let them know it’s available from most major distributors. If enough of you do so, they’ll call their distributor (Ingram) and order books directly.

So raise a ruckus!


Picket with Star-Tickler signs!

Thank you for helping us get the word out!