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Sylvie Rabbit lives in a funny box in the magical Abergreen Forest.

About the Book

Sylvie and the Star-Tickler is a story about a little white rabbit named Sylvie who lives in a magical forest. She yearns to do magic like all the other creatures who live there and takes us on an adventure to discover that the very best magic already lives within her own heart.

Fred wrote this story for Pamela’s daughter for her birthday when she was just a girl and it was never illustrated – until now. Pamela. Looked for the right illustrator for many years, never imagining that it was living within her. It’s a story about kindness. And it’s a story about discovering what we each might find  within ourselves waiting to be called forth.

Recommended for ages 4-10 and loved by people of all ages.

About the Author

Sylvie-Fred-Pic-72Fred Cameron is a musician, researcher and author. “Sylvie” was his first story. Since then he has published four non-fiction books, and a curious novel set in California and Scotland (unpublished). He also has recorded a CD of original instrumental music composed in ancient tunings called Memories of Home.

Fred has two sons and three grandchildren in addition to the children he shares with Pamela. Fred and Pamela both live near Seattle, Washington.

About the Illustrator


Pamela did not discover her inner artist until she was in her mid-fifties when she was given some water colors as a gift. Painting quickly became her passion and she studied with many accomplished artists, and at the local colleges in the Monterey Bay area. Although Pamela has worked in a variety of media, she mostly enjoys watercolor. She says, “There is something alive about watercolors, how they interact with the environment, the paper, and the artist. And they allow me to tap into the essence of my subject to bring out the nuance of mood as I try to reach below the surface of the image.”

Pamela is the mother of two children and three grandchildren. She shares another two children and three more grandchildren with her husband, Fred. She has a great fondness for children, for their spontaneity and joy. She says, “May we all be blessed with love in our lives for each other, and for ourselves. And may Sylvie be an opening to that sweet and tender heart within us all.”