Sylvie and the Star-Tickler

A story by Fred Cameron ♥ Illustrations by Pamela Cameron

The Story

Sylvie is a small white rabbit who lives in a forest where all the creatures can do magic—except her. A bear floats over a rainbow colored stream, a dog makes fish jump out of the water, a fox makes the apples fall from the tree, and children fly kites with no strings!

There is magic all around her. But Sylvie is sad because she doesn’t think she can do magic herself, and heads off on an adventure to seek help from the great wizard Star-Tickler. In the end she learns that she already has the best magic of all—the magic of making people feel good.

Sylvie and the Star Tickler is an illustrated story most appealing to children 4-10 years, and endearing to all ages. It is the story about recognizing our unique gifts and about kindness.

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We’re grateful for all these great reviews of Sylvie and the Star-Tickler

Wonderful artwork and a sweet story line. The writing will catch young ones and middle schoolers as well.

Thomas Parsons, PhD, School Psychologist

Wow! The gift of the heart, the greatest gift, radiates from Sylvie the Rabbit, and from us all!

What a beautiful story of the magic that lives within us, always… all ways. Love your work!

The storytelling rhythm draws the listener in, and the watercolor illustrations are vibrant. Important messages are cloaked in simple organic thoughts embedded in the story. It made me think of every pet I’ve ever had the privilege to stroke and love. And the importance of just sitting (like a white rabbit) with anyone who is having an off day. Perfect.

Caroline P.

The Characters in the Book

You are invited to join Sylvie on an adventure through Abergreen Forest to find the kind wizard Star-Tickler.

You’ll meet these characters—and more—along the way.

Sylvie is 3 years old, and can’t do any magic.

Sylvie Rabbit

Sylvie helps Zach feel better when he can’t find his friends.


Sylvie learns she must find the great wizard, Star-Tickler

Mister Littlefrog

… and then there is Beth who is angry until Sylvie tickles her with kindness.


Along the way she encounters a moose doing rainbow magic.

A Moose

She finally finds the great wizard and asks for his help.